Getting Your Home Ready To Sell, Tips for Selling and Marketing your Home

September 29, 2021

This article will provide you with a lot of helpful information that can be used in the process of selling your home. It will cover topics such as how to advertise, what an agent does and the types of things best to do in order to sell your property quickly.

Why marketing is important, how to attract potential buyers?

When putting up your home for sale, you should consider hiring an agent to do the job.  An agent will have a vast knowledge of real estate and know what buyers are looking for in properties that they may be interested in purchasing. This can improve your chances of finding a buyer quickly because there is less time spent searching through listings since only suitable homes need to be viewed by potential buyers.

Think about your location

There are many things that can be done to prepare your home for sale. An important consideration is the marketing of the property. A good agent will know how to do this and what strategies work best in your specific location. You should also consider pricing, which is determined by comparing similar properties on the market as well as considering whether you need to make any improvements or repairs before putting it up for sale. The following article provides some tips on getting ready for a successful sale.

Show of your homes best assets

The first step an agent will perform when preparing your home for sale is doing an inventory of all its features and qualities, both positive and negative, because potential buyers will want to know everything about it before making an offer (or not).   Another critical element to make note of: any repairs that may be needed. These are not typically reflected in the list price unless you want to take a loss at closing, so this is something an agent will need to know about before they can advise you on what to do with your property or how much it should cost if there are any major renovations required.

Marketing is more than just Trademe

Why not just list your property on Trademe and be done with it? Well, for some this is actually a viable marketing strategy, with 75% of property sales in NZ being listed on Trademe, most home buyers will check there before anyone else. However, consider how you can reach the widest audience possible, to get the most offers you can in order to make you decision on the sale.

Online marketing; what reach can a real estate agent provide?

Online advertising has become increasingly popular as more people spend time online looking for homes and businesses. In fact, it is rare to see print advertising done for a home as it is generally considered to be low value and only finds the eyes of a select few buyers.  You can list your property on any number of online real estate websites, such as trademe and marketview etc.

Your agent will likely get your property onto some or all of the online sales listings websites like, and open2view. Be aware that many buyers filter on these sites by ‘latest listings’ so your home can quickly be buried off the first page of results, so first impressions matter.

Websites like Trademe offer various different marketing options such as featured listings and boosted listings. It can be a cleaver strategy to boost the listing just before an open home to get as many potential buyers along to view your property. This can improve your chances of finding a buyer quickly because there is less time spent searching through listings since only suitable homes need to be viewed by potential buyers.

How much can you expect to pay for marketing a home for sale in New Zealand?

Often, real estate agents prefer to present different marketing options to clients and recommend the level the property should be pushed depending on the target audience. Within publicly available information and surveying real estates suggest basic marketing starts at $600 - $800, with prices increasing from there. Doing printed flyers, mail drops, extensive open home signage can increase this price rapidly.

When thinking about the price of marketing  your property for sale, consider that the amount paid is small in comparison to the amount the advertising could bring in.

Remember, the goal is to get as many potential buyers to view the property, then convert those viewings into offers. The more you can entice a potential buyer to a viewing, the more chances you have of generating a stack of sales and purchase agreements.

What you can do to help with marketing when getting your home ready to sell?

Make it known that you are selling your home to family and friends , social media is a great way to do this. Let everyone know when they can view it. Share your property listing on social media, with friends and family or community groups. Chances are, the people you know are the most interested in living in your home.

Home Presentation

There are a few easy things you can do when preparing your home for sale. Any amount of marketing cant make up for a dirty, cluttered and not well presented home. Think about the following things that you can do before selling your home. Even discuss this list with your agent and ask their opinion on where your time and money is best spent. Remember to take a critical eye and follow the advice of the professionals you hire.

Clean and tidy

Presenting your home as neat and tidy is the first and most easy step  in getting it ready to sell.  Clear out any clutter from around the home and generally do a deep clean. Empty the garage, remove old furniture and get rid of anything that you don’t need any more. Buyers want to see a clear space where their new things can go so be sure to have everything ready for them when they view your property. Simple things like making sure all light bulbs work go a long way.

Hire a storage unit short term

To help remove clutter from your home, consider getting a storage unit for a few months.  This allows you to store all of your items in one place and makes it easier for buyers to visualise the space with their own furniture.

Remove personal items

Before photos are taken or open homes, remove personal items lie family photos helps the future owner imagine living in the house and creating their own memories.

Fresh paint

If the walls need a fresh lick of paint, get onto that straight away. Buyers often have a vision in their head about how they want to decorate. A neutral color with help with this visualiseation. A fresh coat of paint is one of the fastest and most cost effective ways to improve a space. Neutral colour skirting boards and walls  and small touch ups can make a big difference to a dark space.

Freshen up the exterior

The house exterior is the first thing a prospect buyer will see and is an important aspect on if they will make an offer. Make sure all lawns are mowed, weeds are removed, rubbish is gone and fences and walls look good. You want to make it easy for the buyer to imagine living in the space. The front door is an often over looked  factor. A lick of paint and a new doorknob will give the buyers an easy way to visualise their own items on your walls, or in your cabinets.

Indoor plants

A few indoor plants can add a fresh look to any home without breaking the bank .  Add a few small potted plants around the home or in the bedroom, to add a nice boost of greenery.

Clean the carpets

Carpets can be a huge turn off for buyers. They are often dirty and many agents will ask you to have them cleaned before they list your property. If not, consider hiring cleaners or maybe even replacing the carpets with tiles or timber flooring that is easier to clean. Having your carpets professionally cleaned my be more cost effective than you think.

Your real estate agent will either be able to suggest a photographer or exclusively work with one who can show off the best features of your home.

What marketing can you expect from your real estate agents?

When you choose a top agent to list your home, you should expect them to be able to market your home in a number of ways using their contacts and experience.

1. Working with other agents

Your agent will utilise other agents within their agency to reach more buyers. This could be via email marketing or using clients other agents have looking for property to buy.

2. Listing ad copy writing

Your agent will write the advertising listing copy. This is an important  part of the process  as it is what buyers will read about your home.

3. Video tours online

An agent may create a video tour to market the property on their website and social media channels, or even just provide links to an existing one for you to share with friends and family. They can also produce floor plans if needed.

4. Social Media

Even if your marketing package doesn't include social media ad spend, you should expect your agent shares the listing on their social media pages.

5. Email marketing

An agent can use their email list to reach more buyers and share your home with people who may be interested.  This is an extremely effective way of marketing as it targets a specific audience, those that have shown interest in property similar to yours before.

6. Open homes/ inspections

Agents will hold open for inspections or viewings on the weekend or any time that is convenient for buyers.

7. Property blogs

Your agent may also write some articles about your home and share on their blog, which can be shared on social media. This will help drive traffic to the listing page where they can read more details online.

Final Thoughts

Remember, you should have a clear written document with you agent that details any marketing and the associated budgets. This should be discussed at the same time as agency agreement details are being decided. Following all of the above should lead to a successful selling process. Getting your house ready for sale takes a little extra effort but can make you more money on the final sale. It's a great idea to attract buyers and increase the home's sale price to increase the homes online presence. Home ownership is a big step for most Kiwis so making your home presentable makes a big difference.


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